The 2nd International Conference
on Human Capital and Knowledge Management 2015


SBM ITB at Glance

The School of Business and Management-Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM-ITB) has five educational programs :

  • Bachelor`s Degree in Management (Undergraduate Program)
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate Program)
  • Master`s Degree in Business Management (MBA Program)
  • Master`s Degree in Science Management (MSM Program)
  • Doctorate`s Degree in Science Management (Doctoral Program)

The Undergraduate Program aims to prepare students to enter the business world as young professionals, Management Trainees, or pioneers of their own businesses. As a young professional, students are trained in general management and business knowledge, management functions, basic leadership, and communication skills. It is then expected that students could contribute in teams based on ethics and be courageous enough to embrace the entrepreneurial challenge. Therefore, many of the alumni have broad career prospects. Not only in financial-related and manufacturing fields, but also in entrepreneurial level and business management consulting services.

Vision and Mission

SBM-ITB has a vision to create future leaders in business and to develop a critical mass of entrepreneurs for Indonesia to become a modern society respected by the world community. Thus, SBM ITB has the missions to teach students to become future business leaders, and develop a world-class institution that promotes a knowledge base in the field of business and management.


The curriculum structure goal is to impart knowledge pertaining to the distinctive functions that are found in any organization, and the ways in which these functions should be carried out; with a sense of integrity based on ethical norms.

The Programs has six fields of concentrations :

  • Business Risk and Finance Management
  • Business Strategy and Marketing Management
  • Operations and Performance Management
  • Human Capital and Knowledge Management
  • Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation
  • Entrepreneurship Technology Management


SBM-ITB strongly encourages and support students to have global careers. The success of students in L'Oreal Estrat Challenge in Paris for four consecutive years is one of the achievements of SBM ITB`s commitment to enter the global competition scheme. Besides, here are several achievement by SBM ITB`s students :

  1. 3rd Place Loreal E-Strat Country Final, 2006
  2. Participant in Harvard National Model United Nation, 2007
  3. 1st Wimax Business Idea Competition, 2008
  4. 1st MEGATRON Elektropreneur Competition, 2008
  5. 1st Unilever Business Week, 2008
  6. 1st ASEAN P&G B-Champion, 2009
  7. 2nd Place National Competition Capital Markets


SBM-ITB does not look at hard-skills (data processing, etc) as everything, even success itself depends more on soft-skills (ability to work in teams, leadership, etc). To SBM-ITB, studying is not necessarily attending lectures. Effective learning occurs in discussions and in practices. Students of the Bachelor`s Degree in Management are obliged to create a company funded by a loan from a reputable private bank. Students study business by running it. Not only learn the theories, but also apply the theories by developing soft-skills simultaneously. This is the concept that inspires a number of universities throughout Indonesia.

International Partnership

The international setting was supported by the presence of international students and lecturers in daily activities at SBM. SBM-ITB hopes there will be more international students enrolling at SBM ITB in addition to the students from partner institutions: University of Groningen (Holland), University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), Nanyang Technology University (Singapore) and Tokyo University of Science (Japan). Systematically, SBM-ITB is moving forward to an international accreditation by becoming a member of ABEST21.