The 2nd International Conference
on Human Capital and Knowledge Management 2015



Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (UTM Razak School) was set up in May 2010 in line with the transformation of UTM Kuala Lumpur. The school was formerly known as the Business and Advanced Technology Centre (BATC), where it started out as a Centre of Excellence in 1992 under an initiative with Warwick University as conceived by the then Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. Guided by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia`s mission of leading in talent development and innovative technologies that contribute to the nation`s wealth creation, UTM Razak School`s vision is to be a global provider of innovative multi-disciplinary industry-focused programs and services, and the mission is to provide innovative industry-focused programs and services aimed at producing change agents for organisational excellence.

UTM Razak School`s asset lies in the range of quality programs it offers both at postgraduate and undergraduate levels, outstanding multi-disciplinary academic staff, and its engagement with the 'outside world'. Most of all, it takes pride in offering application and practitioner-oriented education that focuses on applied concepts and skills required for success in the global economy. The postgraduate programs that are currently offered in UTM Razak School are: Engineering Doctorate in Engineering Business Management; Doctor of Philosophy; Master of Science in Engineering Business Management; Master of Science in Industrial Design; Master of Philosophy; Master of Science in Sustainable Urban Design; Executive Master in Occupational Safety and Health Management; and Master of Professional Science. Meanwhile, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design is an undergraduate program offered which can be regarded as the creative-course, directed towards developing new commercially attractive products.

UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology
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Research Group - Human Capital and Knowledge Management (HuCKM)

"Human Capital and Knowledge Management Research Group (RG) is one of RGs under K-Economy Research Alliance within Univeriti Teknologi Malaysia. The main objective of HuCKM is to investigate the role and strategy of effective human capital development in developing knowledge workers. Research members are from various disciplines such as human resource, ICT, management, economy, accounting, law and others. The research conducted by RG HuCKM encompassing human capital development, human resource management, knowledge management, ICT and other related and arising issues. The quantitative and qualitative research methodologies are two major methods applied in the research."

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