The 2nd International Conference
on Human Capital and Knowledge Management 2015



Short Biography

Yuni is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung ( SBM ITB). Before joined SBM at 2004, Yuni had business experiences as well as management consultant. She started her career as management trainer and management consultant with IPPM ( Institut Pendidikan dan Pembinaan Manajemen ) in 1981. She started with responsibility in Operation Management Class, then in Organizatinal Behavior Courses , Marketing courses and finally with Problem Solving and Decision Making courses ( Minaut ) and Business Strategy. In 1991 She got opportunity to apply her interest in general management practices by joined a corporation in Jakarta. She had experience in push all strategic business unit to support corporate objectives through the implementation of corporate strategy -business strategy and human capital initiatives. She had opportunity to initiate a month advanced management program of all directors level with University of California – Berkeley in US, to link all strategic business unit to corporate objectives . After got her master degree ,she continued her journey in business practices by joined a medium sized bank in implanting its branch banking development. Her career gave her an extensive business experience from business development, corporate strategy and linked those to human capital practices. She ended her business practices as a VP of Human Capital in 2003 and started work with SBM ITB at 2004. Yuni has responsibility with Organizational Behavior , Leadership and Management Practices, Strategic Change Management courses for undergraduate and People In Organization, Business Leadership and Human Capital Management for graduate class. She also involved in Doctoral degree class in Advance Organizational Behavior / Behavioral Science. Her interest area in business and management research covers – business strategy and human capital, corporate culture , organizational capability , and organizational health index at organizational level. In group level – she interest with learning impact of Emotional Intelligence with business and individual performance . Now she is doing research in finding element of organizational capability, organizational health index and leadership at organizational level . She is also doing research in identifying element of Emotional Intelligence and impacts to performance at Indonesian contextual.